Safe Arrival to School

Posted On Sunday September 08, 2019

Safe Arrival

Help us support a culture of respect and harmony by reinforcing school bus and transportation safety. When driving your child(ren) to and from school, please use designated drop-off and pick-up locations. When using these locations, please wait outside for your child.

Although we are encouraging our students to walk, bike or skate to their community school we understand, at times, students will be driven to school. Thanks to those who drive students to and from school for being extremely careful and over cautious to avoid any accidents. Our signage and road markings clearly indicate direction, Kiss 'N Ride areas, and bus drop off areas. Thanks in advance for following the rules of our ring road! Also, thanks in advance for adhering to rules and signage along Carnwith Drive. Municipal parking by-law officers will be monitoring and may ticket drivers who stop along Carnwith Drive or who stop in front of fire hydrants.

Durham Regional Police Service may be monitoring our arrival and departure times so please drive safely and within posted speed limits at all times.

Please consider using all sides of the building as we do have a ring road around the entire building with Kiss 'N Ride student drop-off areas on the East, North and West sides, not just the South Carnwith side. The tendency has been to drop-off students right in front of the school in the South main entrance. Traffic has been backed up along Carnwith Drive creating a safety issue, especially during inclement weather. Consider using the west entrance/exit to the school if the east entrance/exit appears congested. For the west entrance/exit please note new signage indicating RIGHT TURN ONLY, from 8:00 am to 8:30 am and 2:15 to 2:45 pm.

Please note the first Kiss 'N Ride student drop off area on the South side is a student bus drop off area to accommodate a wheel chair bus. Our yellow school busses are using the North side of the school to safely drop and pick up students.

The best and safest area to drop off and pick up students remains the West, North and East sides of the school. There is a large entrance/exit, sufficient parking spots and large drop off and pick up areas on the NORTH side.

Please do not double park in school parking lots waiting for students. There is ample parking on the perimeter of the ring road or in Kiss 'N Ride locations. Please do not drop off or pick up students along Carnwith Drive as this has become unsafe as traffic gets backed up and student pedestrians wrongfully cross the busy road. Please do not make U turns on Carnwith Drive, as this, too, is unsafe and unlawful and the wrong message for our students.

Consider planning with your students to drop off and pick up in a safe area, blocks away from the school.  

Pedestrian Safety is extremely important and we encourage our students to be seen, wear bright or reflective clothing, cross at traffic lights and marked intersections, plus make eye contact with motorists when crossing. Pedestrians should be alert, aware of their surroundings, avoid distractions (texting/earbuds) and obey signs and signals. See this link for more pedestrian tips:

As always, everyone's patience is appreciated and required! Please remember safety over convenience, all the time!