Graduation 2021 - June 29

Posted On Saturday June 19, 2021
Bears Grad 2021
Bears Grad 2021

Attention Graduating Class of 2021:

We have received direction regarding Graduation ceremonies for 2021, taking into consideration public health protocols and consultations with the Ministry of Education and the Durham District School Board. Families received an email from the DDSB to highlight the allowance of a physical "Drive Thru" component to Graduation ceremonies. We all understand, given COVID-19 and public health protocols, we will not be able to gather for a large assembly.

We have added an approved Drive Thru component, with the event taking place on Tuesday, June 29th, 2021. We are now able to host a physical Drive Thru component to celebrate this important milestone from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. We have facilitated individual student online bookings and have posted below links and instructions:

Instructions to Book Hybrid Virtual Drive Thru Grad Appointment

  1. Go to the scheduling webpage at
  2. Enter the Access Code: brook21 and click "Sign In"; please make a note of your Confirmation Number
  3. Fill in your contact information and click "Continue to Make Appointments"
  4. Click on "Graduation Appointments"
  5. Click on an Available time at which you wish to attend the school
  6. Click on "My Schedule" (top left of the page)
  7. Print out, email or copy down your appointment time

The Access Code for this term is: brook21
Do not share this code with anyone outside your school community

We will be posting our virtual ceremonies to our school YouTube channel. We are planning to post to our YouTube channel a recording of the Master of Ceremonies, Invocation, School Board Greetings, Principal Address, Valedictorian Introduction and Address, plus a slide show of graduates.

Given our new realities of planning school events during a pandemic, we totally understand the disappointment and frustration that families must feel. The Hybrid Virtual/Drive Through Event allows graduates to be physically distant and minimize contact while celebrating this important milestone and following public health protocols.

We have sent and posted information and updates via email, school website and our social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Students will book appointments to drive through, pick up Grad Book, Grad Gift Bag, composite grad photo and diploma, plus a Grad picture from Edge Imaging. 

Grad Drive Thru Instructions:

We have attached to this news item the Grad Drive Thru Instructions in a pdf file, with a map.

  1. We are hoping Graduates can pick up their Grad Cap 'N Gown on the day they are dropping of their Chromebook (June 21-24). This way, Grads can arrive on June 29th wearing Grad Cap 'N Gown. Grads who do not pick up their Cap 'N Gown ahead will not be permitted to put them on the day of Grad when they receive them. To register for a time slot to drop off Gr.12 Chromebooks, register here:
  2. For Grad 2021, please arrive at the front of the school, on time, from the East. All vehicles may enter the school property at the large school sign near the front doors of the school. (See map in attachment). All people in the vehicle must wear masks at all time while on the school property. Families and vehicles must remain two meters or six feet apart to ensure social distancing. We are only permitted to allow one vehicle per student/family.
  3. The Drive Thru is designed with five stations. Only the graduate will be permitted outside of the vehicle and they must wear their mask at all times. The best viewing of the graduate walk and best place to take photos will be from the passenger side of the vehicle. Vehicles will follow along on the ring road driving slowly and safely as the grad makes their way from station one through five.
  4. Graduates will receive their Grad Portfolio (Diploma and Composite Picture) and a gift bag that includes a 2021 Grad Book and a special edition grad ornament. Professional photographers (Edge Imaging) will be on site to take photos. The five stations include a red carpet graduation and many elaborate photo displays. School administration, guidance and the business leadership students have worked hard to put together a memorable graduation experience.
  5. After the ‘Walk of Commencement’ at station five, the Graduate will get back into the vehicle. Cars may exit the school property at the West driveway turning West onto Carnwith. To keep traffic moving, no left turns will be permitted.

Grad Drive Thru Public Health Protocols:

The following protocols have been approved by Durham Region Health Department.

  1. All Staff and Students must perform Self-Screening, using the COVID-19 screening tool, before attending the event.
  2. School staff will validate self-screening for students, staff and all other attendees.
  3. Families must remain inside the vehicle and outside of the school, wear Masks, and maintain social and Physical Distancing, 2 meters or 6 feet from anyone that does not live in their household.
  4. Schools will have alcohol-based hand sanitizer available, to ensure safe Hand Hygiene.
  5. Staff, maximum of 10 at one time, will be outside to greet, wearing DDSB approved Personal Protective Equipment, as directed by Durham Region Public Health.
  6. Based on public health protocols we are not able to permit food or beverages.
  7. Activities requiring students or other participants to remove their masks is not permissible.
  8. Grad Cap ‘N Gown may be able to be picked up during Chromebook curbside drop-off so students can wear items to the Drive Thru event.

Legacy Grad Quote: Have your say, Graduates of 2021! Each year we post a legacy grad quote in the Forum, which represents the graduating class. Use this link to vote and be sure to hit submit in the bottom right corner. There is only one vote per graduate:

Valedictorian: Nominations are now closed. We have announced the 12 nominees, Monday May 17th on our social media accounts. Congrats to all our nominees, each one would be an excellent candidate. Voting has been completed, online, May 17th - 21st. The Valedictorian for the Class of 2021 is Jackson Murphy.

Students will receive an email to their email accounts with the following subject line: Student Vote for Brooklin High School. The email will be from: Emails will arrive at approximately 10 am on May 17th, with the instructions they will need to vote. Students will have until Friday, May 21st @ 4pm to vote.

A student must be nominated to be considered for Valedictorian. A student may only be nominated by a current B.H.S. grade 12 student. The nominator must have a teacher to support the nomination.

When nominating a Brooklin High School graduate to be the Valedictorian, the student should demonstrate the following criteria:
• High academic average throughout high school
• Commitment to extracurricular activities (athletics, clubs, school leadership, etc.)
• Strong communication skills
• Highly respected among graduating class and B.H.S. staff
• Good representative of B.H.S. in the community

Grad Store: Student leaders are setting up a Grad store, where students and families can purchase apparel to help celebrate this important milestone. Here is the link, so students and families can purchase items, if they wish to do so.

Click on the link to shop at the Grad Store to purchase gifts for a graduating BHS Student. When we are able to do so, based on public health protocols, items purchased will be distributed with diplomas. Please indicate name of graduate in the notes section at check out to ensure your gift gets to the correct graduate. The Grad Store is being organized and run by the Business Leadership classes. 

The Grad store is now closed to provide time for delivery.

Grad Fees: Graduates can pay the Grad Fee ($25) using School Cash Online and these fees help offset costs for Grad Cap 'N Gown, Grad Composite Photo and Portfolio, and Grad Memory Book.

Important Notes:

Note 1: Unfortunately, Brooklin High School is unable to host a Spring Prom this school year, due to COVID-19 and public health protocols. 

Note 2: Brooklin High School is not producing or purchasing graduate lawn signs. While we support the excellent intention of recognizing our graduating students, not every graduating student has a lawn, nor can we guarantee the signs find their way, safely, to all potential 312 graduates. We do not have any contact information regarding this signage.

Note 3: Brooklin High School cannot support or endorse any Grad Parade, as it is unsafe, requires a Town Permit, not permitted by DRHD, and not equitable, as we cannot ensure all Graduates can participate or even have access to an available vehicle.

Intended Publication of Virtual Graduation Ceremony:

This is to inform you that Brooklin High School is holding a virtual graduation ceremony where the first and last names and/or images of students participating will be broadcast through the school YouTube channel. The virtual graduation ceremony can be viewed online through an unlisted link that will be provided to members of the school community. The short series of videos will be available to be viewed from Tuesday, June 29th to Friday, July 9th, 2021 and may be shared with family, friends and others who may be interested.

The Board’s collection of personal information is for the purpose of operating its schools under authority granted by sections 170 and 171 of the Education Act. If you have questions and/or concerns with the live stream of the virtual graduation ceremony, please contact the school office no later than Friday, May 28th, 2021.

Graduation 2021 information is all updated, now! There will be no further updates to this news item.

Stay Safe, and Congratulations Bear Grads!