We support students' academic and personal well-being. Through a variety of academic programs and supports, extra-curricular activities and community involvement. We are committed to our students' positive experience in school. Our Student Handbook 2022-23 is an excellent resource for students and parents. Our Student Handbook contains our code of conduct, important dates, school procedures and policies. Please note we have not adjusted the Student Handbook to reflect COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures, as changes are expected, inevitable, and it is unmanageable to keep the Student Handbook updated. 

Student Handbook

 Academic support

The Library Learning Commons website contains a variety of resources to help support you academically. We also provide homework help through the Mathify program.


 Co-curricular Clubs

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 Lockers at Brooklin HS

Students are issued lockers from the office and they are coordinated and assigned by HomeRoom teachers in the first few weeks of school. We have enough lockers for all students in Grade 9, 10 and 11; we ask that Grade 12 students share lockers.

Lockers are used by students to store and secure personal belongings, including text books, Chromebooks, learning materials, clothing and other small school-related items. Best practice is to access lockers at the beginning of the day, lunch time and at the end of the day. Students can transport learning materials for two periods at a time, hopefully avoiding the need to access lockers between periods. 

We have over 1,100 lockers in the school, all the same size, 12" wide and 72" high, along 10 different corridors. We have recently added two banks of lockers!

At the end of the school year in late June, before the last final exam, students vacate their lockers so they can be cleaned. Students are not assigned the same locker from school year to school year. 

Grade 12 Locker Requst Form - Fall 2023 - Click HERE

Find below, information from our Student Handbook and Code of Conduct specific to lockers:

Students may be assigned a locker by the school.  It is their responsibility to keep lockers clean and free from writing, damage, and decorations. Repair charges will be levied where students purposefully or carelessly damage lockers. Students are not permitted to move to another locker or to exchange or share lockers without permission from administration. Grade 12 students may share lockers. Lockers must be secured with a Dudley combination lock. The combination must be on record in the office. Failure to meet these requirements may lead to your lock being removed at your expense. During class time, locker visits must be kept to a minimum. The school is not responsible for lost, missing or stolen belongings. The locker is the property of the DDSB. Students are solely responsible for the contents of their lockers. Lockers are emptied at the end of each school year.

Administration has the authority, with reasonable suspicion, to search personal property and lockers. The right to search is established to assist school administration in providing for the safety and welfare of all students and staff as stated in the Education Act. Principals have the right to seize contraband material.  The contraband material will be removed from the locker and held for evidence in disciplinary proceedings and may be turned over to law enforcement officials.

For further information on lockers contact Homeroom teachers and/or the office.

 Parking at Brooklin HS

If students wish to park on school property, then they need a parking permit. The process for getting a parking permit will be online and made accessible during the first week of September, using the link provided below. If granted a parking permit, then students must abide by the school parking rules, outlined below:

  1. Students must understand parking on school property is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Student parking is limited to 77 spots and only in the WEST parking lots.
  3. Parking for students is for Gr 12 students only, as parking is very limited, to 77 spots. A permit must be obtained to park on school property.
  4. Only vehicles registered with the main office are allowed on school property. Unregistered vehicles are eligible for ticketing and/or tow-away charges.
  5. Registered Vehicles that are found in parking spots other than those designated for students may be ticketed and towed away at the student's/owner's expense.
  6. Parking is not allowed on grassy areas of the school grounds, nor in school bus loading zones around the ring road of the school. No student vehicles are to be parked in front of the school in the South Carnwith Lot, nor on the North Patio Lot, nor on the East Baldwin Lot.
  7. Students are not to park at the end of the rows and block vehicles from entering or leaving. 
  8. Students are to drive courteously and extremely cautiously. Please do not speed on or near school property. Please do not drive the wrong way on the ring road. Please do not exit using a right turn from the double west student parking lot. All students are to follow the rules of the school ring road!
  9. Any vandalism or "practical jokes" between vehicles is NOT acceptable and students involved may have parking privileges removed.
  10. Vehicles are for transportation to and from school. Students are NOT to loiter in or around vehicles in the parking lot during school hours or over the lunch period.
  11. Once approved, a parking tag will be issued. Please display parking tag. Failure to display parking tag may result in ticketing, loss of parking privileges and/or vehicle being towed. 

Please also note the following:

  1. We are oversubscribed for student parking and will be issuing permits only to Gr 12 students.
  2. We encourage all of our students to walk, bike, and/or skate to their community secondary school. 
  3. Our survey has shown not all students with parking permits drive daily.
  4. Best practices for student drivers is to arrive early and stay for the duration of the school day so you do not lose your student parking spot.
  5. We will consider student proximity and distance to school when issuing permits, potentially prioritizing students based on distance and school program.
  6. At the end of the school year parking permits are returned to the office. There will be a nominal fee for lost parking permits.

To apply for a parking permit complete the parking application and attach a signed student parking contract.


Gr. 12 Student Parking Applications (via online Google form) - please click HERE.

Also, please ensure that you review the Student Parking Contract.

 Educational Technology at Brooklin HS

We will be adding information here to assist student with educational technology and tips for student ChromeBooks.

Find here a link and document to help student troubleshoot Chromebook issues: It has step by step instructions with video links and files to assist students solving software and other issues with their Chromebooks.

Here is a list of tips from the Innovative Education Department at the DDSB:

Chromebook Care Tips

1. Keep and Carry your Chromebook securely.

  • when moving between classes, have two hands on your device. 

2. Keep your Chromebook on the desk, completely. 

  • Corners overhanging the table edge can get caught and cause falls. 

3. Keep your Chromebook dry. 

  • Don’t leave your Chromebook in a backpack in the rain or on the snow, water can soak up and damage your device. 

4. Close the lid of your Chromebook. 

  • When carrying your device, keep it closed up. 

5. Watch your backpack. 

  • Devices are easily knocked off desks by your bag. Be careful turning around with your bag on. 

6. Charge your Chromebook at home.

  • Bring your Chromebook home at night and charge it there. Leave your cord at home so it doesn’t get lost. Make this a habit.