About Us

Brooklin High School is proud to share our Mission Statement, Vision and Values!

Mission Statement

We are an innovative, inquisitive community inspiring success in learning.

Our Vision

Our vision as an inclusive school is to prepare all students for successful futures as lifelong learners. We will help all students reach high levels of achievement by ensuring all graduates:

  • Develop strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Possess required critical thinking and inquiry skills to prepare for an ever-evolving future
  • Are inspired to give back to their community and demonstrate school and community pride
  • Have an optimistic outlook and reach full potential
  • Understand the importance of environmental stewardship
  • Are innovative creative learners embracing technology to deepen learning

Our Values

Our values reflect important character traits and are embedded into school culture, acting as a foundation for our relationship building and decision making.

  • Student Engagement and Achievement

We engage learners with intentional learning environments communicating curriculum expectations while recognizing student voice and culturally relevant pedagogy.

  • Embracing our Community

We embrace our community with positive communications that enrich student learning opportunities.

  • Collaboration

We encourage teamwork and collaboration, allowing learning partnerships to develop.

  • Resiliency

We value a growth mindset, always persevering in the face of missed opportunities.

  • Citizenship

We are caring, responsible and empathetic citizens, treating each other with kindness and respect.

  • Equity and Inclusiveness

We create a safe, caring, and inclusive learning culture built on integrity, honesty, and courageous conversations so all can learn from each other.