Parent Engagement

Durham District School Board (DDSB) recognizes the importance of partnerships with parents and guardians in creating positive learning environments. The School Community Council (SCC) is an advisory body that makes recommendations to the Principal and school board to further student achievement and well-being. Every school in the DDSB has an SCC. The SCC is made up of parents, school staff and community members and should represent the diversity of the school community.

Brooklin High School: School Community Council Nomination Form

To join the SCC as a voting member at your school, complete a nomination form in September. All members of the SCC are elected within the first 30 days of the school year. 


Brooklin High School Community Council

School Community Council (SCC) is a group of elected volunteers including parents, teachers, administrators, students, and community representatives working collaboratively to improve student achievement.

SCC members support school based activities to strengthen the advisory role and partnerships with the school and the Durham District School Board. SCC members provide advice to the school on issues affecting students and school, as well as enhancing the accountability of the educational system to parents of our community.

SCC meetings are very informative and open to our school community. All parents are welcome to attend.

Membership lists, meeting dates, agendas, annual reports, minutes and other relevant documents will be posted here.

Brooklin High School SCC Constitution

Find here the Brooklin High School Community Council Constitution.

Brooklin High School SCC Meeting Dates for 2019-20

Tuesday October 1, 2019
Tuesday November 5, 2019
Tuesday February 4, 2020
Tuesday March 3, 2020
Tuesday May 5, 2020

Brooklin High School SCC Membership Directory for 2019-20

  1. Heather Bastien, Parent
  2. Tanja Coughlan, Parent
  3. Brenda Gaull, Parent
  4. Nadia German, Parent
  5. Ann Hartloff, Parent and Co-Chair
  6. Lisa Hayes, Parent and Co-Chair
  7. Deanna Jaglowitz, Parent
  8. Bonnie Lindsay, Parent
  9. Ann Mammen, Parent
  10. Gloria Nedanis, Parent
  11. Carolyn Savage, Parent
  12. Leanne Winkler, Parent
  13. Matthew Bennett and Reagan Lawrence, Students
  14. Jason Beggs, Sarah Gilbride, Teachers
  15. Warren Palmer, Principal

Brooklin HS SCC Agenda and Minutes

Find below agendas and minutes for our meetings.

Tuesday October 1, 2019; AGENDA and MINUTES

Tuesday November 5, 2019; AGENDA and MINUTES

Tuesday February 4, 2020; AGENDA and MINUTES

Tuesday March 3, 2020: AGENDA and MINUTES

Tuesday May 5, 2020: AGENDA and MINUTES

Brooklin HS SCC Presentations

Vaping Presentation by Cathie Snider, Public Health Nurse, Durham Region Health Department, on Tuesday November 5, 2019.

Brooklin HS SCC Annual Reports

Find below our School Community Council Annual Reports.

Here is the School Community Council's Annual Report for our fourth school year. 
Here is the School Community Council's Annual Report for our third school year. 
Here is the School Community Council's Annual Report for our second school year. 
Here is the School Community Council's Annual Report for our first and inaugural school year! 

School Community Council Handbook

Read the Durham District School Board School Community Council Handbook for more information about SCC organizational guidelines, tools and resources. You can also visit the Ministry of Education's website for more information about school councils.

SCC brochure

Frequently Asked Questions brochures are available in the following languages:

Regional SCC meetings

Regional SCC meetings take place throughout the year and provide SCC members an opportunity to attend workshops and exchange ideas with SCC members from other schools in the DDSB. The Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) plans and executes the Regional SCC meetings with input from school community councils.

SCC guidelines, policies, and regulations

School Community Councils follow these guidelines and regulations: